Monday, April 9, 2012

Place Project Part 1- The House

“The Place Project”

What is it?

Performances in nontraditional theatrical settings about the nature of Place .A long-term, multiple-location, site-specific, performance project. The mission of the project is to reveal and understand how Place—geographical, architectural, spiritual, and cultural—determines self.

(photos courtesy of Sabine Schmidt)

The House:

In June 2011, the company created a performance lab in a residential home. After creating dramaturgy (ranging from field study, interviews, pod casts, science theories, lore and legends), we created vignettes which we staged throughout the house for small audiences to experience through live and multimedia performances.

Characters and stories from our dramaturgy in the House:

Kasper Hauser
- A boy without language, because he had no Place in the world. Using what we know from his legend, historical accounts of his life,and current ideas in science about thought and language, we investigated how place shapes language and consciousness.

Myrtle Kindle - A weekly columnist for a small town newspaper who counts the flora and fauna, and muses on the reality of mortality in every day rural living.

Len - A former resident of Picher, OK (a dissolved city, declared a toxic superfund site by the government due to mining), Len left the town in his youth and recalls how a community holds onto place until they are forced to finally leave.

The Runner - Inspired by a Radiolab podcast about a real story of a long distance runner with a brain malfunction, we investigated the neurological process of Place association.

The Debris
- A video of Joplin debris projected in a kitchen. "If you command the reality of Impermanence, you don't get attached- you don't get upset." We created the piece from interviews in Picher, OK (superfund site), Joplin, MO, and a Tibetan monk in Fayetteville.

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