Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet the Runner!

We are bringing back story lines from the house. We are going to use the Runner as a guide in Alley 38.

Here is Fletch's reflection on who the runner was, who she could be in our performance:

photo by Sabine Schmidt

The Runner

One of the characters we explored in the house was based off of a radio lab pod cast about ultra-marathon runner Diane Van Deren.

Diane, a mother of three, for years suffered from seizures. Just before they would strike, she would have a moment of warning that she calls “an aura”. That’s when she went to her best defense, tossing on the running shoes and hitting the pavement. Somehow this would prevent the seizures from taking a hold and is where her run of loving began. Eventually her seizures caught up to her and surgery was required. The doctors cured the seizures, but had to take a part of her temporal lobe to do it. This left her struggling with time and spatial orientation, but also led to her being one of the top ultra-marathon competitors in the country.

What interests us about her story is that she had to come terms with a new understanding of place in the middle of her life. After the surgery she no longer could read a map, struggled with short-term memory, and got lost in time. She went from clearly defined world to one without reference points. We want to explore this journey of having a clear view of the world turned upside down and then the rediscovery of her place in the world.

Last time in the house we told her story as a single event in the house. She ran circles around the audience and battled the confusion of her condition while telling her story.

Now in Alley 38 she will break out of that loop and lead one of our groups through the backstreets of downtown Fayetteville. She will take you to other stories while experiencing her own and hopefully you will get the chance to walk a mile in her shoes.

Check out our source material from Radio Lab’s “In the Running”:


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