Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Debris

Last June we went to Joplin to help clean up the debris. On a couple of breaks, I walked around what used to be a neighborhood. I turned on my flip camera and my audio recorder. The final video is created from my visual and auditory experience from the two separate ventures- unedited audio walk and uncut video walk.

I projected this video onto the kitchen of the House in a performance about Impermanence. The House was our first location of the Place Project- a long term process in which we create a performance lab in specific locations to develop and adapt work about Place. The kitchen piece dealt with the idea of impermanence and the heartache of attachment.

I am thinking of Joplin today and of Place and Impermanence, because I am also thinking of 9/11 and the other collective crises we have suffered together. As we watch the terrible events unfold on our t.v. and internet, we feel helpless but so involved. Of course, I remember 9/11. The numb feeling of disbelief. The news footage. The images of destruction. The colossal loss. The stories. The panic. I remember the deep, profound fear that followed the event and how the world was saturated with it for a long time. Its residue remains.

But mostly today, I am thinking about resilience and our ability to continue, even after the most devastating blow, we keep moving. Life endures. Life cycles on. I marvel at this. I honor this.

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