Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Debris

Last June we went to Joplin to help clean up the debris. On a couple of breaks, I walked around what used to be a neighborhood. I turned on my flip camera and my audio recorder. The final video is created from my visual and auditory experience from the two separate ventures- unedited audio walk and uncut video walk.

I projected this video onto the kitchen of the House in a performance about Impermanence. The House was our first location of the Place Project- a long term process in which we create a performance lab in specific locations to develop and adapt work about Place. The kitchen piece dealt with the idea of impermanence and the heartache of attachment.

I am thinking of Joplin today and of Place and Impermanence, because I am also thinking of 9/11 and the other collective crises we have suffered together. As we watch the terrible events unfold on our t.v. and internet, we feel helpless but so involved. Of course, I remember 9/11. The numb feeling of disbelief. The news footage. The images of destruction. The colossal loss. The stories. The panic. I remember the deep, profound fear that followed the event and how the world was saturated with it for a long time. Its residue remains.

But mostly today, I am thinking about resilience and our ability to continue, even after the most devastating blow, we keep moving. Life endures. Life cycles on. I marvel at this. I honor this.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    The Artist's Laboratory Theatre Needs YOU, Fayetteville!

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We are requesting submissions from the community for “found in Fayetteville” material to develop a performance, “Show and Tell: Fayetteville” to be presented at Last Night Fayetteville, the “new” New Year’s Eve party on the square.

Last April, we installed a giant Sheet Fort in Matt Miller’s art studio on the square and performed “Show and Tell: A Sheet Fort Experience,” followed by a community show and tell session. Through live interpretation (a’ la readers theatre), video, and audio performances, the show was developed from text found in the environment, Craigslist ads, love letters and lists. The show paid tribute to the stories of the anonymous people who left their legacy in forms both ephemeral and cyber.

Following the same format, we will collect, curate, and develop a multimedia variety show comprised from text that relates to the city of Fayetteville. The New Years Eve show is to be Fayetteville-focused, so the company is turning to their community for stories, anecdotes, to-do lists, diary entries, and scraps of ephemera to attach a Fayetteville story to. Example of items to featured which have already been found Fayetteville: song lyrics about a bad break-up, a Dear Santa letter from an adult woman, a desperate plea from a young lover. All content remains anonymous and the company will take creative liberties on interpretation.

“Show and Tell: Fayetteville” will premiere on December 31st 2011 and is one of many performances throughout the evening from several local groups. Born from the former “First Night” event, Last Night is a new & exciting celebration of community arts taking place on the Fayetteville Square on New Year’s Eve. The festival has been re-imagined, re-named, and is now hosted by the Creative Economy Action Group (CEAG).

To submit your found story, item, or idea:
Erika Wilhite, Artistic Director

For more information about The Artist’s Laboratory Theatre:

For more information about Last Night: