Thursday, September 23, 2010

Place Project #1 lab- "stuff"

We are beginning with stuff. I think there is quite a bit to explore about our attachment to stuff. We are beginning with simple exercises. Finding ways to look at stuff differently.

I am copying my notes here. We managed to do it all.

Place Project

Lab #1 Stuff (Attachment)

To Do Today:

Notes to group: What it is we are doing. We will take our time. Be patient. We have time. We have some tasks, some activities to activate the story. Remember, this is a beginning. Don’t want for more than simple discoveries, just stay interested in the data, the bits that surface. Acknowledge their significance. And remember their significance for later.

Stuff we should do tonight:

· Viewpoint

· Read surveys to each other- questions: are there similarities? Discuss possible archetypes, threads, and consistencies. What is similar? What is different?

· the conventions of film (pan out, long shot, close up, track, slow motion, lights on/off to tell the story of the object.


1. Pick an object. What about this object is so great? Pick a reason it is great. Tell me why a person could be become attached to such a thing. Now find a personal reason for becoming attached to it and become attached to it. How did you acquire it?

2. Pick one person’s object and story. Make us a composition based on one object.

Title of Show: The Eyeglasses Show

Part 1- the meeting!

Part 2- something happens

Part 3- loss

Part 4 the reunion

· Harangue (group encouragement- total commitment)- loss of stuff- loss of place –tape, your object. Other objects. True stories are better.

Stuff Story Perform for me a story with your stuff. Make a play using things. MAke a language out of stuff. Like puppets or dolls or installation art. Show me a story using stuff only. Keep it in four parts. Title each part. Make every moment matter.

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