Friday, July 9, 2010

Lab Artist's Personal Blog Entry

By Darcy Ames Harris

On joining the Artist Laboratory Theatre...So I've been with the lab for nearly a week now. Each night we have started with viewpoints. I really enjoy moving around and getting in tune with the group and my body. After a good work out we usually discuss the play, or examine our brains,(or examine the play, and discuss our brains whichever). The first night we did a storytelling exercise, this was difficult for me because I have a hard time speaking in front of people,(even telling a joke). I get so nervous I completely forget what I am going to say. But that is why I am challenging myself to do this. (Can I learn how to be courageous, even if I was not born brave?) It's a bit scary but I am excited about learning something new about myself, and about the world.

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