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The Arkansas Artist's Laboratory Theatre Announces Its Premiere Production

Fayetteville, AR - July 6th, 2010 – The Arkansas Artist’s Laboratory Theatre presents its premiere production: “Bombs, Babes and Bingo,” an original play by Merri Biechler. Performances will be held August 5th thru August 8th at 2183 #1 N. College (just behind Foghorn's). Tickets will be $10 at the door.

8/5/2010 Thursday: Doors open at 7:30pm, Performance begins at 8:00pm.

8/6/2010 Friday: Doors open at 7:30pm, Performance begins at 8:00pm.

8/7/2010 Saturday: Doors open at 7:30pm, Performance begins at 8:00pm.

8/8/2010 Sunday: Doors open at 7:30pm, Performance begins at 8:00pm.

A brand new addition to the NWA arts community! The Arkansas Artist's Laboratory Theatre is a collaborative ensemble company dedicated to the storytelling process through the use of experimentation. The alt proposes that the scientific and artistic principles of exploration ask the same fundamental questions. The alt tests the premise and ideas of each project in a “Performance Lab” environment. Members of the alt company and Lab Artists from the surrounding community collaborate and experiment together to answer the questions asked by the playwright and their text.

For its first project alt is employing this scientific method in its approach to the script of “Bombs, Babes & Bingo,” a new play that explores the inner workings of the human memory. The questions of this play lay in its structure. For each performance, the scenes of the play are presented in a random order that is determined by the drawing of Bingo Balls. As a result, each performance is sure to be completely unique. But the big question is: will the story stay the same? Does the order of the events in our lives affect who we are and the decisions we make?

In addition to the production of “Bombs, Babes & Bingo” in August, the alt will also be showcasing its very first Science Fair: an evening of performances, by the Lab Artists, that are exclusively developed from the work done and the conclusions derived in the Performance Lab. A chance for the Lab Artists to “present their findings” to the community. The Science Fair begins at 8:00 PM on 7/23 at 2183 N. College #1. Doors will open at 7:00 PM for the gallery viewing. The show will be a chance to meet the artists and peek into their unique process. Suggested donation is $5 at the door.

Follow the “lab work” and rehearsal journals at: www.artslabtheatre.com and theartistslaboratorytheatre.blogspot.com.


Erika Wilhite

Artistic Director


(405) 535-6652


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