Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Experiment #1

Big discovery after Experiment #1: After scrambling the order of events in a linear narrative Story, the big difference was in the Justification of the next moment. For the most part, the story maintained its essence, but the Reasons why the thing happened took on new form and meaning. And the audience imposes this justification onto the story. We seem to want it to make sense, so our brains fill in the gaps of mystery. Fascinating.

We Have Begun

The lab has begun! We moved into our space last week and have started working. After pulling together a strong and diversified ensemble, we are segueing into another week of orientation and training. Our lab artists come from varied disciplines and backgrounds. We have actors, poets, painters and dancers. The multiple viewpoints are already creating an exciting dynamic.

For the lab's first project, we decided to embrace the traditional definition of a lab. Our first production is "Bombs, Babes and Bingo" by Merri Biechler. The structure of the play is complicated (the order of the scenes are determined by the random choosing of a ball in a bingo game) and we knew that we'd have to do a lot of testing anyway- so we are just going to go all the way with the idea of Experimentation. Our lab director, Joseph Fletcher, is leading us as we use the lens of science to investigate the fundamental questions of the play. In a series of lab experiments, we test dramatic structure, emotions, relationships, probability, memory, and other elements that make up story.

But can you quantify those things? Can you measure a human experience? Isn't art subjective and science objective?